Company Overview

Vintage Consulting, Inc. utilizes a valuable, “old school” approach to direct marketing. Vintage Consulting is a reliable, outsourced solution to gaining valuable customers for Fortune 500 and 100 companies. We believe that building a genuine relationship face-to-face is the only way to acquire lifetime customers for our clients.

Throughout history, several different mediums have been the main resource for customer acquisition. However, with recent developments in technology, businesses are forced to find alternative means to acquire valuable customers. For example, the use of radio and television advertisements had been a primary source to acquire customers. Now, satellite radio and video recorders drastically limit the amount of advertising customers are exposed to. Telemarketing and direct email emerged after this change in order to specifically target particular customers. These direct marketing techniques, unfortunately, have become ineffective due to spam blockers and do-not call lists.

So how can a business acquire new customers when all these methods have been proven ineffective?

That is where Vintage Consulting comes in. Vintage Consulting provides an alternative, more personal approach to direct marketing. Vintage Consulting is a cost-effective, efficient way for businesses to obtain lifelong customers.

Vintage Consulting is a vital outsourcing tool. We provide valuable, new customers that will continue to utilize our clients because of the personal relationships we have established. Vintage Consulting allows our clients to focus their attention on their products and brand development. Meanwhile, we will seek out potential customers who will understand the value in our client and their products. Vintage Consulting stands by the fundamentals of customer acquisition: a firm handshake, concise communication and a dedication to professionalism. Our clients understand that Vintage Consulting is motivated and dedicated to acquiring new customers, ensuring the success of our clients’ products and services.


Our mission at Vintage Consulting Inc is to be recognized as an outsourcing sales and marketing pacesetter; impacting and excelling in the industry using an old school approach. We strive to establish quality relationships with our clients while creating a culture of growth and opportunity for our people.

Five years from now, Vintage Consulting Inc will become a global leader in the outsourced sales and marketing industry by creating lucrative partnerships with passionate like-minded individuals.

Vintage Consulting
1941 O'Farrell St #101, San Mateo, CA 94403