Company Overview

Our drive to change the world unites us!

Microsoft is the ideal place for people who have passion for their work and the desire to make an impact—in their careers, in the community and on the world. Microsoft is a unique company; and not just within the tech industry. Here, smart people thrive on their own terms and push their intelligence to its limit. The variety of job opportunities and career advancement at Microsoft is incredible and empowers you to constantly challenge yourself and chart your own course.

Come to Microsoft to empower people around the world for the activities they value most–at work, at home and at play.


What do Microsoft employees have in common? The answer is passion—for life, for creating quality products, for the people who count on us to help them realize their potential. We are driven to make an impact—at work, in our communities, on the world. We’re here because Microsoft helps us do that—by recognizing the unique value of our diversity, supporting our career development, and rewarding us for great work.

Microsoft has always been about recognizing the value that different life experiences and viewpoints bring to our business. We seek out people from diverse backgrounds and encourage them to take risks and approach challenges unconventionally.

Whether you choose a management role, dive deep into a technology, or explore multiple professions, you’ll find everything you need to drive your career at Microsoft. It goes beyond training—although with over 2,000 courses available globally in classrooms or online, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for that. We make sure you and your manager dedicate time each year to discussing your career development, and you can access our online career resources anytime. Plus, to give each other a hand in getting ahead, we are all encouraged to choose—or to be—a mentor.

Microsoft has a responsibility, based on our mission and values, to promote social and economic opportunity in the communities where we work, live, and do business. That’s why we collaborate with governments and community organizations to address societal needs. Our commitment to enabling societal change and upholding the highest standards of business conduct are a part of what make us proud about working at Microsoft. With the support of our employees and in alliance with our many partners, we will continue to make positive and lasting contributions to society.

If this sounds like the place for you, why don't you join us?

  • Health and Wellness
  • adoption fee assistance
  • maternity leave
  • paid time off
  • discounts on child-care services
  • 401K
  • over 2000 internal training programs
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