Company Overview

MavSocial [from the words Mav(en) and Social], enables you to easily and effectively communicate your brand message to your current and potential customers.

Social media marketing is complex and time consuming with lots of channels and information to contend with. Our mission is to help you:

--Store and organize all your digital assets in one centralised location, enabling access to approved consistent content, available as and when you need it

--Plan your posts around social media campaigns rather than just networks

--Make it easier to publish to multiple pages and networks – ‘create once, publish many’

--Save you and your team time

--A solution that’s fast and simple to use and saves your budget as well!

--Tackle problems and provide solutions that other social media software platforms don’t address


We are a well-developed, privately held startup group with offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong and

India. Since 2011, our newest product, MavSocial, has been redefining how companies think about and

use social media for marketing. We have carved our own niche in the over-populated social industry

with a focus on how images/videos are not only used in social media but also created, stored and

managed for marketing teams. We are fast-paced and making our own waves as we establish ourselves

as leaders in the social industry.

  • Health
  • Dental
  • Gym Access
Mav Social
225 Bush St., Suite 1200, San Francisco, CA 94104