Company Overview

Jhana is on a mission to end the misery caused by weak managers.

Weak managers seriously undermine employee engagement and hurt company growth. Luckily, management is a skill that can be learned. Unlike traditional eLearning, Jhana’s online learning tool offers bite-sized, deeply researched content that's built for first-time managers in modern tech cultures. You won't find long courses or people in suits, just actionable help that new managers can use fast.

Leading tech companies like Eventbrite,, and Groupon use Jhana to empower managers, reduce turnover, and scale their talent strategies as they grow.

The mission that gets us out of bed in the morning is simple but not easy: Help people be more successful at work.

To achieve this goal we’ve assembled a high-performing team of entrepreneurs, sales and customer service champions, and deep thinkers who get really excited about ideas and learning. Together, we’re creating and supporting an online resource to help new managers become good managers — a result that not only benefits them, but also their teams and companies.


Jhana’s mission — to help people be more successful at work — drives us. Our values guide us.

To identify them, we did a lot of soul-searching. We also exchanged some earnest emails and had a few friendly arguments. We got pretty worked up about the whole thing, actually.

It was worth it. Now we have a clear idea of who to hire, how to develop ourselves and what to focus on when we’re faced with tough decisions.

  1. Customer > Company > Team > Self. We prioritize customers over the company, the company over the team, and the team over ourselves.

  2. Supportive. Here’s one of our favorite questions: “How can I help?”

  3. Humble, kind, not jerks. We’ll be nice to you if you’re a jerk, because we try to be nice to everyone. But we definitely won’t hire you.

  4. Curious. We wonder about a lot of things and ask a lot of questions. This leads to novel business solutions, not to mention random conversations about LBJ, corgis and how people possibly play chess blindfolded.

  5. Focused on professional development. When we improve and grow, the whole company does, too. It’s kind of nifty how that works.

  6. Great at communicating. We say and write what we mean. We also spend a lot of time listening, which helps us say and write what we mean.

  7. Big on integrity. Camus believed that “integrity has no need of rules” — in other words, people with integrity will do the right thing whether the company website says they should or not. We agree, but we’re listing it here anyway.

  8. Data-powered. Sometimes gut feelings are all you have to go on in a startup, but we’re a lot happier when we can get our hands on some data.

  9. Committed to work/life balance. We don’t think people have to sleep under their desks to prove their commitment. That sounds very uncomfortable, and besides, burned-out teammates rarely produce good results.

  10. Adaptable. These values are about the only thing here that won’t change soon and a lot. We think change is fun.

  11. Coachable. We don’t get all defensive when things go wrong or someone gives us tough feedback. We get better.

  12. Mission-driven. We aren’t bored, not even a little bit — mainly because helping other people be more successful at work is our idea of success at work.


Here’s why our team loves working here:

Our mission matters. Weak, poorly trained managers can really hurt companies and make life worse for the people on their teams. It’s rewarding to help managers do better — and, by extension, the companies they work for and the people they work with. Learn more about what we do.

We like working with one another. It’s fun to collaborate with interesting, supportive, driven people. Learn more about our team.

We’re building a sustainable company — together. We’re not one of those flash-in-the-pan startups. We want Jhana to grow responsibly over the long term, and the whole team has a say in how that happens. Learn more about our values.

We also offer fair compensation, health/dental/vision benefits, equity, a learning budget and a historic office near San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, right on the N-Judah line. The previous tenants were none other than Craigslist and Zappos!

1381 9th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94122