Company Overview

At IMCA, we believe American small businesses are the backbone of creativity and production, employing well over half of the U.S. population. Yet, during the 2009 economic crisis small business owners found themselves in a struggle to stay afloat as commercial banks continued to deny them loans.

In an attempt to rescue the backbone of the U.S. economy, IMCA Capital was founded to provide small business owners with a variety of financial options. Further, it is our mission to continue promoting the health of small businesses through fast, efficient and innovative financing solutions.

IMCA Capital represents the culmination of years of experience in business financial services and support. Our relationship managers have built a positive reputation for providing premier customer service by helping large and small businesses grow in a highly competitive global market.

We offer key business services such as: Small Business Loans, Equipment Financing, Equipment Leasing, Working Capital.


Our Core Values Have Allowed Us to Become a Leader in Small Business Financing.


Here at IMCA we work as a team. We believe collaboration and teamwork are requirements for success and have established a very team-based work environment.


Our employees are trained to handle multiple relationships in order to provide the most personable and effective service.


We will find ways to finance small businesses despite the odds. We care about the health of small businesses and we’re here to see them grow.

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