Company Overview

HR for Health's sole purpose is to create and deliver powerful and intuitive software that minimizes the risk of HR liability, while improving employee performance, aligning business interests, and increasing profitability.

As the leading provider of cloud-based HR compliance software to doctors, we are 100% focused on their business and understand what is required to ensure compliance. We will also increase productivity, and organize your employee management in a cost-effective approach that is unique to the small health care practitioner. It all adds up to keeping our doctors protected and giving them the ability to focus on what they do best.


HR for Health is quickly growing and we are looking for smart, creative, young professionals to join our team. It’s the people that make this company great, and although experience is important, our most successful team members possess a great personality with the ability to thrive in an ever-changing environment that comes with being on the ground floor of an emerging company. We’re looking for people who are excited to work hard in a fast-paced situation, while also remembering to take those needed breaks to joke around with their co-workers. Our employees are recognized for their success not just in the position they’re hired for, but for their direct influence on our ground breaking technology hugely impacting a change in our doctors’ lives. We work hard here, and are eager to continue our growth with new team members who know their success is truly in their own hands.

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HR for Health
111 Deerwood Rd, Suite 340 San Ramon, CA 94583