Company Overview

HealthTap has reinvented the way people all over the world take care of their health and well-being-- while helping them smile and feel good every day.

HealthTap connects millions of people around the world with the most trusted health information and doctors. With top-rated web and mobile apps, HealthTap offers immediate and free access to relevant, reliable, and trusted health answers from a network of more than 64,000+ U.S.-licensed doctors so people can:

-Learn more about their health
-Get help with their health issues from anywhere at anytime
-Take action to feel good.


Working at HealthTap is an opportunity to interact with some of the most remarkable people in Silicon Valley every day in a culture that values artisanship, having a large positive impact, and making a difference in people’s lives.

Building a world-changing platform is exciting, inspiring, and challenging. Trying to make a change in people’s lives for the better is even more so. It takes the smartest and most compassionate people, with deep problem-solving capabilities, multidisciplinary skills, the ability to reduce comprehensive complex systems to their essence, and a thorough kindness of heart to succeed.

The appeal of these challenges, along with the humanity of our mission, have enabled us to build one of the most accomplished and caring teams ever.

  • Full Health Benefits
  • Awesome PTO Policy
  • Company Events and Outings
  • Healthy Catered Snacks and Food
270 University Ave Palo Alto, CA 94301 United States