Company Overview

Dropbox is the home for your most important stuff—now we’re bringing it to life with a growing family of products. Today, over 300 million people across every continent rely on Dropbox to get stuff done. With offices around the world, we're growing fast and building a collaborative team that makes work and life delightful. As we scale our global brand, there’s plenty of space for you to grow alongside us and simplify life for millions of people around the world.

We're building much more than a little blue box. As happy as we've made our users, our team has barely scratched the surface. Progress on simplifying technology will be measured in years or decades, not months or quarters. We're barely out of the driveway on this epic road trip, and there won't be a better time to hop aboard - all of our greatest accomplishments are still waiting for you to own them.


We're creating a home for life. From your life’s work to your life’s memories, your most important stuff lives in Dropbox. We’ve set the standard for storing and sharing your digital belongings, but we’re not stopping there. With Mailbox, Carousel, Dropbox Pro, and Dropbox for Business, we’re building a family of products that make life easier.

We're tackling complex challenges. We take on the complexities of technology that affect everyday life, so that people can get back to living and doing their best work. But getting to simple is a constant process. We're passionate about working together to solve the greatest challenges in technology today.

We're building for the whole world. Today, over 300 million people across every continent rely on Dropbox to get stuff done. We started out in San Francisco, and now we're setting up shop worldwide to get closer to our users. From Austin to Dublin, each office sports the same magic that makes Dropbox unique, remixed with local flavor.

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