Company Overview

Codility simplifies recruitment of software engineers by assessing programming skills over the Internet. Candidates provide solutions to programming problems in a browser- based development environment and their code is automatically assessed for correctness and performance. Recruiters receive their evaluation reports and rankings to make quick and efficient decisions.


What is our culture like? We are a company of small egos and big brains. Are you looking for a reason to join us? We will give you six:

1) Focus on Learning: We embrace learning and provide free books, workshops, conferences, coaching, talented teammates and whatever helps you grow.

2) Open office and environment : Our office is a large space featuring constantly-filled fridges, a makeshift ping-pong table, hammocks, a (toy) helicopter… in short, it’s our home, which we like to open up regularly for meet-ups, co-workers, friends and clients.

3) Flexible working arrangements: We understand that some people are just not made for early mornings. We measure results, not presence, and consider people who need micromanagement suspicious. You need to work from home at times, or feel like working from the park tomorrow because it’s sunny? Go for it!

4) Hardware and software of your choice: Your daily working tools should be the ones you love. Use our budget to build your dream workplace so that we all profit from your effectiveness and smile!

5) Competitive salary and benefits: We pay well and make sure you profit from benefits ranging from private medical insurance to free drinks and snacks.

6) Relocation assistance: Codility’s clients and impact are worldwide. So are our interests. We cherish diversity and are open to welcoming teammates from all over the globe. Convince us that you should be one of them, and we will help you relocate.

  • Competitive salary
  • Relocation assistance
  • Dream equipment
  • Growth budget for conferences
  • mentors
  • coaching
  • budget for massages
  • gym membership spa
  • Unlimited Amazon book orders
44 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA 94105