Company Overview

Breakout is a talent hacking agency—not recruiting company.

At Breakout we go far beyond traditional recruiting, partnering with and exceeding the expectations of top VC-backed startups. We specialize in connecting the top startups to the highest caliber talent in unique and engaging ways. We do atypical things like using proprietary technology and (actually) creative (and largely secret) strategies to find untapped pools of talent, allowing our clients to leapfrog their competition and get ahead, hiring quickly and effectively.

We have the resources, processes and values of a technology startup, and we use them to ensure our clients success.


We Write Code.
We make opportunistic use of technology whenever and wherever possible, oftentimes building custom software for direct use with our clients, enabling us to deliver higher quality results, faster, and at greater scale than anyone else.

We're Creative as hell.
How do you make your voice heard when your audience is drowning in noise? We constantly re-invent the game with humor and wit, and turn existing recruiting paradigms on their heads by producing unique tools and content that serve the talent.

We're Entrepreneurs.
The war for talent is ever-shifting. The only way to win is by employing the same rigorous, entrepreneurial, scientific mindset that first unveiled your startup’s unique opportunity to you. We know this mindset and act accordingly.

We Are the Talent.
Recruiting firms speak of “the talent” like an alien species. More often than not, those engineers, designers, and product managers you’re trying to hire are our peers–former co-workers, friends, roommates–and we treat them like it.

We Provide Turnkey Scale.
Whether you need to hire 10 people or 200+, we’ve been there done that. We can scale efforts up or down according to your needs instantly, allowing you to shortcircuit an otherwise painful, time-intensive internal process.

We're True Partners.
We are allies and our incentives are aligned for lasting, high-quality hires. Unlike other recruiting firms, we teach you how to fish by building and coaching your internal resources to keep you swimming when we eventually part ways.

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