How to Stay Competitive in a Tough Job Market

Sean Little Advice
Chess Pieces - Staying Competitive

Searching for entry-level jobs for college graduates can be difficult in today’s job market because of the overabundance of qualified job seekers hunting down the same jobs. Even though there is a wide range of new college graduate jobs available, maintaining a competitive edge is vital to successfully getting hired for one of them. Following these four steps can help you stand out from the rest.

#1 – Update Your Arsenal of Resumes

Do not believe the misconception that one good resume is all you need in order to remain marketable. In order to survive in a flexible job market, you have to also be able to reflect that flexibility within your resumes. Using only one resume will only reach out to one specific industry or job category, so hundreds and even thousands of potential employers from other industries that may have great positions available for you will never even know you are looking for them. In addition, if you are applying for a specific job, you’ll want to use a resume that highlights the most applicable skills to that job, and not a general resume. Having an arsenal of resumes that specifically emphasize individual job positions or industries will widen your net and increase your chances of landing a great college graduate job.

#2 – Education & Training Is Essential

Even if a person does not have a wealth of experience under their belt, their education can put them towards the top of the consideration list of a lot of different employers. A lot of positions, such as entry-level engineering jobs and entry-level marketing jobs, may require their candidates to have degrees from four-year colleges and universities.

There are, however, still many different jobs and positions, such as entry-level management jobs and entry-level accounting jobs that may only call for associate degrees or trade school completion. Gaining as much relevant education in the respective industry is essential, because it can get a person in a door that may be closed to someone without that type of quality schooling.

#3 – Presentation, Presentation, Presentation!

Presentation is everything when it comes to effective job hunting. The presentation of your resume, website, and even social media page can have a lasting effect on your potential employers even before they decide whether or not they want to meet with you.

Out of all of the applications that a company may receive from interested candidates, only a select few of those will be called in for an interview. A quality presentation will increase a person’s chances of advancing to that stage. If and when they do make it, presentation is going to be even more essential in order for them to make the final cut. Proper business attire, preparation, and punctuality are all crucial elements that need to be present in every interview.

#4 – Keep Your Options Open

When it comes to effective job hunting for some of the best entry-level jobs available, it is important to remember to keep your options open. Restrictive criteria and excessive requirements can vastly limit the number of possibilities that will be available to the average job seeker.

The people who will do what other people won’t will be able to receive job opportunities that other people just don’t. Negotiable salary expectations, flexible scheduling availability, and even a willingness to relocate are all things to consider when it comes to maintaining that edge.