Transitioning From College to First job - What to Expect

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What to expect from your college to real world transition

So you have finished with school and you are feeling ready to enter the brand new world of work. But are you really? The two worlds are very separate and you might find this transitional period between your studies and your career to be challenging.

Changes you can expect when transitioning into a new grad job

In those first few months of your career, you are bound to be feeling more than just a little overwhelmed by this new environment. These are some of the things that you can expect.

A time shift: When you start working, time will suddenly seem very different. You will no longer be able to have that lie in and arrive twenty minutes late to a lecture attitude. Instead, you will be expected to be as productive and time-efficient as possible within your working day. This means showing up on time to every meeting and appointment, and working hard during your set hours. Suddenly, at least eight hours of your day will not be yours anymore. This takes some adjustment, but in time you will develop time management skills and will be able to achieve a successful work/life balance.

Answering to people: When you begin a new grad job, it is likely that you will be starting at the bottom of the ladder. That is perfectly okay because everybody who has experienced success has started from exactly the same place at one point or another in their careers. What you might not be so prepared for is having to answer to various different people who have more experience on the job than you. Do as people say while also being proactive and you will be just fine.

Team work: Being a student is often very solitary. You complete your papers in the library, hand them in, and receive your marks. The work process is very different because you almost always have to work as part of a team and lean on other people for support. To successfully transition into your new working life, you will need to become a team player.

The best new grad jobs for you

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Is One Summer Internship Enough?

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Is the strategy of multiple internships the best one?

Competition is stiff in the job market, especially for a new grad. Jobs that are posted may not specify a minimum GPA or years of work experience, but it’s highly likely that if someone comes in with two or three internships for an entry level job, and a high GPA, that person gets put at the front of the line. You want to be that person.

Top 3 Benefits of Multiple Internships

Besides work experience, here is how you benefit from multiple internships:

1.You Make More Connections

You get the benefit of having more contacts that can help you find that job when the time comes. You will also be able to pull up three work references fairly easily for any application. It will be easier to locate new grad jobs that are a good match because you’ve been working in the industry already.

2.You Can Balance a Poor GPA

If you have multiple internships with glowing references, it helps to balance the fact that you might have a less than stellar GPA. This will help you transition more smoothly from being a student to being considered a professional. A strong GPA is important, but it’s not the final word.

3.It Jumpstarts Your Career

With two or three internships, you will start to understand what you want out of your career and what the best way to achieve that goal is upon graduation. One internship will give you a small idea, but two or three will broaden your horizons.

Having the experience of multiple internships has proven to reduce the job search upon graduation by almost four months. There are a number of other benefits you get, but to find out about these on your own, register with a job listing for internships only to find a fresh graduate job today.

The Top Hiring Trends that University of Utah Grads Should Know About

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U of Utah Grads should know these trends.

The real world can be a scary place for a recent grad looking for his or her first job after college, but not all the trends are bad. Actually, some of them are good news for University of Utah graduates, especially if they have a diploma in an in-demand degree or are willing to relocate to the right regions.

And there is great news too: across all degree levels, hiring of grads is projected to increase by 4 percent. That may not seem like a huge jump, but it makes a big difference when looking for your first job after college. Before you indulge your pessimistic side too much, take a look at these other trends you should know about the job market, based on research conducted by the Employment Research Institute of Michigan State University.

− Over 40 percent of employers intend to hire this year. This is the biggest increase since way back in 2007, when it was just under 50 percent.

− Great news for recent grads with bachelor's degrees: hiring of these graduates is projected to grow by 7 percent this year.

− If you are looking for your first job after college, head to the South or to the Great Lakes region, where double-digit hiring growth is expected.

− Your best bets for finding your first job after college are small or large companies. Overall, they plan on increasing hiring this year while mid-sized companies will likely maintain their past hiring levels.

− Certain sectors will experience more hiring growth than others. Keep an eye on the health care, transportation, energy exploration, scientific research, insurance, retail, finance and insurance industries for the most job opportunities.

− Brush up on your sales skills because nine percent of employers report that commission will play a large part in salaries this year.

Understanding these trends will help focus your search and land your first job after college, but it is also important to network and find positions that best fit with your experience and qualifications. FirstJob can help with those important aspects of the job search. Sign up today to connect with professionals in your field and discover the best opportunities for recent University of Utah graduates!

The Top Oregon Industries for New Graduate Jobs

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Oregon is a great place to look for jobs. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Oregon is a great location for new grads. The Beaver State attracts young people from around the country with its rugged coastline, dense evergreen forests, hip cities and independent spirit, and it is one of the best places to find new graduate jobs. Although many diverse industries thrive in Oregon, these five represent the best bets for new graduate jobs.

Outdoor Gear and Activewear

Adventurers and lovers of the outdoors have long flocked to the Pacific Northwest in search of natural thrills, and the state is home to Adidas America, Columbia Sportswear and Nike. A leader in the outdoor gear and activewear industry, Oregon is a great place to find work if you love the outdoors and have a talent for business, sales or design.

Advanced Manufacturing

There are many new graduate jobs in Oregon in this field, which has long been the heart of the state's economy. Over ten percent of the private-sector jobs are in advanced manufacturing, and it continues to grow because of its dedication to innovation.

High Technology

Oregon is known around the world for its high concentration of tech companies, including Mentor Graphics, Tektronix, Intel and the hundreds of spin-off startups that grew from them. If you are tech-minded, there are few other states that offer as many new graduate jobs in the field.

Clean Technology

Within the next fifteen years, over a quarter of Oregon's power supply will come from renewable sources, and the state is home to the leading solar energy manufacturers in the country. The industry is growing rapidly, and the state is also investing in research and development to further it even more.

Forestry and Wood Products

Oregon produces more lumber than any other state in the country, and it provides the highest quality wood in the world. If you are skilled in forestry, business or science, this may be the field for you!

Your search for new graduate jobs in Oregon should begin with FirstJob. Sign up today to get instant access to thousands of high-quality jobs in the state, including positions in the aforementioned fields. It's the first step toward getting hired and building your career in Oregon.

Tips for Making a Great First Impression

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Making a great first impression is key

In just a few short seconds, someone you meet for the first time mentally evaluates you. This first impression is based on a combination of your appearance, demeanor, appearance and mannerisms, and it can be virtually impossible to undo. This makes your first encounters extraordinarily important because they create the tone for the future of the relationship.

While making a positive first impression is always important, it is especially vital when you are looking for jobs for new grads in real estate or trying to attract new clients. Follow these tips to create a great impression that lasts.

Be Punctual

No matter how good your excuse is for running late, a person whom you are meeting for the first time is not interested in it. Plan for possible delays due to transportation or weather, and adjust your schedule so you will arrive early. Being late is a sure way to ruin a first impression, even if you do everything else right.

Be Yourself

Looking for jobs for new grads can certainly be stressful, but it is important to remember to be yourself and not let your nerves get the best of you. Being too nervous or trying to be someone you aren't will only make the other person feel uncomfortable.

Look Your Best

When it comes to first impressions, physical appearance definitely matters. The way you look is one of the first clues a person will use to deduce assumptions about you, so dress appropriately, take care of wrinkles and stains before you head out the door and tidy up your appearance with good grooming habits.

Creating a great first impression is important, but so is connecting with the right people and opportunities. At FirstJob, you can do both. First Job's innovative tools for networking, job matching and resume building connect you with opportunities that can shape your future. Sign up today to get started and get instantly matched to high-quality entry-level jobs for new grads!

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